With more than 50 churches in the City of Downey, three new church plants are calling Downey home in the last two years.

The three newest churches are within a one and half square mile area of each other and range in size of congregation and religious denomination. The churches each have Facebook page to connect with people.

Crave Life Church was founded in 2011 and was originally established in a neighboring city of Buena Park, Calif. and moved to Downey in 2012. According to the Crave Life Church website, the church is apart of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. Currently the church is renting space from the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey.

Life Church Foursquare Downey was also founded in 2011 and began in home in Downey and has rented several locations as the congregation has grown from 10 people to more than 35 people on a weekly basis. The church belongs to the foursquare denomination. The lead pastors of the church grew up in Downey.

Iglesia DE Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final began its journey to Downey more than 10 years ago and the church has finally planted itself in Downey with its new church campus. The church is non-denominational and has a 3,000-seat sanctuary. The church is a Spanish-speaking congregation and hosts a radio and television production studio.

The new churches join a vast amount of denominations in the city and the oldest church in Downey that is still around is the Methodist church that is 144 years old now called Downey United Methodist Church.


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